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GardePro A3 Trail Camera

A3 Trail Camera




GardePro is committed to providing high quality, reliable and affordable trail cameras. GardePro has professional engineering to provide solutions.

We only care about the fantastic shopping experience for our customers. GardePro provides you with more choices!

GardePro A3 – Built for Clear Night Vision Image

The GardePro A3 trail cam is engineered to resolve bad experience on night vision such as over-exposure and under-exposure (dark) issue on the conventional trail cameras.

This camera is equipped with a ultra-clear SONY Starvis CMOS sensor, large aperture lens, smart imaging to produce clear night vision.

It also features fast motion detection and no glow invisible infrared technology, which is perfect for outdoor wildlife trail and home security, stealth and won't scare any animals.

  • Ultra clear SONY imaging technology
  • Records H.264 1080P 30fps video with sound
  • Crisp clear 20MP picture
  • No glow night vision range 100ft
  • Fast 0.1s trigger speed
  • Supports 128GB standard SD card (user supplied)

Why You Should Choose the GardePro A3 Trail Camera

Night Vision

1080P H.264 Video

0.5S Fast Trigger

Ultra Clear Night Vision

Sony Starvis sensor and nighthawk technology combined with exclusive image tuning algorithm, smart illumination technology, blur reduction to provide crisp and clear footage at night. No glow technology keeps your camera imperceptible at night.

1080P H.264 Video

Records amazing smooth 1080p 30fps video with audio. Videos are well compressed in H.264 MP4 format (average ~1MB/s), significantly reduce file size, downloading and sharing to family or friends is more quicker than traditional game cameras. The MP4 video is also compatible with any players.

Ultra Fast 0.1S Trigger Speed

Preactivated and fast-boot technology combined to reach ultra-fast 0.1s trigger speed and 0.5s recovery time, quickly capture every exciting moment. This game cam also features 82ft detection distance, 3 sensitivity levels adjustable for kinds of outdoor applications.

Buy this cam, get more features

More Features – The GardePro A3 camera deserves you

Easy to use and flexible options

Easy to use with a built-in 2.31” color screen and TV remote style operation button. The A3 cam also supports 3 capture modes (photo, video, photo+video), playback, time stamp, programmable operation hours, time lapse, loop recording.

Reliable design for outdoor application

IP66 waterproof, operation temperature: -4~140F, idea for outdoor application – deer, critter and any animal wildlife trail, hunting, or home security.

Warm Tips

Requires 8 AA batteries and a standard-size SD/SDHC/SDXC card (user supplied). Please format your SD card before first use. Please use lithium batteries in low temperature to get longer lifetime. To get clear night image, please eliminate obstacles in front of the camera as possible.

Package Includes

  • 1 x Trail Camera
  • 1 x Strap
  • 1 x Mini-USB Cord
  • 1 x Instruction Manual


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  GardePro A3 Trail Camera GardePro A3S Trail Camera GardePro E2S Trail Camera GardePro E5 Trail Camera GardePro E6 Wi-Fi Trail Camera SL122M Pro Trail Camera
Picture Quality 20MP 24MP 20MP 24MP 24MP 20MP
Video Quality 1080P 30fps (aspect ratio – 16:9) 1080P 30fps (aspect ratio – 16:9) 1080P 30fps (aspect ratio – 16:9) 1080P 30fps or 1296P 20fps (aspect ratio – 16:9) 1080P 30fps or 1296P 20fps (aspect ratio – 16:9) 1080P 30fps (aspect ratio – 16:9)
Image Sensor SONY Stavis Sensor SONY Stavis Sensor CMOS Sensor CMOS Sensor CMOS Sensor CMOS Sensor
Night Vision Range 100ft 100ft 90ft 100ft 75ft 70ft
Optics Lens f/1.6, FOV=63° f/1.6, FOV=63° f/1.6, FOV=70° f/1.6, FOV=70° f/2.0, FOV=110° f/2.0, FOV=110°
Trigger Speed 0.1S 0.1S 0.5S 0.1S 0.5S 0.2S
Infrared LEDs 940nm No GLow(Black) 940nm No GLow(Black) 850nm Low Glow 940nm No GLow(Black) 940nm No GLow(Black) 940nm No GLow(Black)
Video Compression and Video Format H.264, MP4/MOV H.264, MP4/MOV H.264, MP4/MOV H.264, MP4/MOV H.264, MP4/MOV H.264, MP4/MOV
SD Card(User supplied) 128GB 128GB 128GB 256GB 256GB 128GB
Recording Sound Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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